4 Xbox One Horror Games That Deserve Your Terrified Attention (and 1 That Might)




     4 Horror Games That Deserve Your Terrified Attention (and 1 That Might) on Xbox One


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4 Horror Games That Deserve Your Terrified Attention (and 1 That Might) on Xbox One: this diverse bunch of horror games coming to Xbox, or probably coming to Xbox, will have you sleeping with the lights on. Indie horror games Among the Sleep, Slasher Volume 1: Summer Camp, Draugen and Caffeine are all destined for Xbox One, and Silent Hills P.T. wannabe Allison Road is in talks with Xbox indie scheme ID@Xbox for an Xbox One console version. Each looks creepy in its own unique and horrifying way. Take a peek through your trembling fingers at them, if you dare, in the video above. Which do you want most? Which gives you nightmares? Tell us in the comments. --- Outside Xbox brings you daily videos about Xbox 360 games and Xbox One games. Join us for new gameplay, original videos, previews, achievements and other things (ask us about the other things). Thanks for watching and be excellent to each other in the comments. 


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